Law n° 2021/014 of 09 July 2021

to Govern Access to Genetic Resources, Their Derivatives, Traditional Knowledge Associated with Genetic Resource and their Fair eand Equitable Sharing of the Benefits Arising from their Utilization

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This Law establishes the legal obligation to abide by ABS regulations and outlines the monitoring and control mechanisms, as well as the penalties incurred in case of infraction.

Applicable countryCameroon
Scope of legislation
Access to resources
Prior informed consent (PIC)
Contractual terms
Legal sanctions
Digital sequence information (DSI)
Original publication9 Jul 2021
Entered into force9 Jul 2021
Latest update9 Jul 2021
Available languages
English Law n° 2021/014 of 09 July 2021
French Loi n° 2021/014 du 09 Juillet 2021