Law No. 34 of 2018 promulgating the Public Health Law

Law No. 34 of 2018 promulgating the Public Health Law thumbnail

This law establishes a framework for the protection of public health in Bahrain with specific provisions for water monitoring, sewage management, and anti-pollution rules for ports. It also includes provisions on quarantine and isolation, as well as vaccination.

Applicable countryBahrain
Quarantine and isolation
Water quality monitoring
Water quality standards
Quarantine and isolation policies
List of actionable diseases
Authority to isolate
Tuberculosis vaccination
Diphtheria vaccination
Measles vaccination
Chickenpox (varicella) vaccination
Polio vaccination
Original publication26 Jul 2018
Entered into force26 Jul 2018
Latest update26 Jul 2018
Relevant articles

Article 37 - allows the Minister to determine a communicable disease list, and thus an isolatable disease list Articles 41, 42 - assign isolation powers to the national government Article 43(c) - Emergency Vaccination Article 53 - Mandatory Childhood Vaccination Article 54 - Exemption Provisions (Medical) Article 123 - Enforcement Mechanism for Emergency Vaccination (Criminalization) Article 126 - Enforcement Mechanism for Childhood Vaccination (Criminalization)

Available languages
Arabic قانون رقم 34 لسنة 2018 بإصدار قانون الصحة العامة