Health Act of September 1, 1945

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This law covers enforcement measures for public health activities. It states that, interfering with a public health activity, such as failing to remain in quarantine or refusing to allow a health inspector into a private building is punishable with a fine of 26-100 francs and imprisonment of 8 days to one month. The law also states that, if the same individual engages in further actions to inhibit public health activities within 2 years of the first incident, the fine and jail time can be doubled. 

Applicable countryBelgium
Quarantine and isolation
Enforcement of childhood vaccination requirement
Polio vaccination
Quarantine and isolation policies
Quarantine enforcement mechanisms and penalties
Authority to quarantine
List of actionable diseases
Authority to isolate
Isolation enforcement mechanisms and penalties
Original publication10 Oct 1945
Entered into force20 Oct 1945
Latest update10 Oct 1945
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Dutch 1 September 1945. - Gezondheidswet