Royal Decree making vaccination against poliomyelitis mandatory

Royal Decree making vaccination against poliomyelitis mandatory thumbnail

This decree states that all children born in Belgium must receive a vaccination against poliomyelitis within 18 months of their birth. This vaccination will be provided for free and will be administered by a local healthcare professional. Medical contraindications to the vaccine must be documented after assessment by the healthcare professional. Either certification of vaccination or medical contraindication must be registered with the local government within 15 days of the last dose of the vaccination. Parents that do not comply with the law will be penalized in accordance with enforcement mechanisms outlined in The Health Law of September 1, 1945. 

Applicable countryBelgium
Childhood vaccination requirement
Enforcement of childhood vaccination requirement
Exemption from childhood vaccination requirement
Polio vaccination
Original publication26 Oct 1966
Entered into force1 Jan 1967
Latest update26 Oct 1966
Available languages
Dutch 26 OKTOBER 1966. - KONINKLIJK BESLUIT waarbij de inenting tegen poliomyelitis verplicht gesteld wordt