Public Health Act

Revised Edition 2020

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This act outlines the public health rights and responsibilities of the government and citizens of Belize. The law provides the Minister with powers to make regulations for isolation of tuberculosis and leprosy.

Applicable countryBelize
Quarantine and isolation
Authority to isolate
Childhood vaccination requirement
Emergency vaccination authority
Enforcement of childhood vaccination requirement
Enforcement of emergency vaccination
Exemption from childhood vaccination requirement
Isolation enforcement mechanisms and penalties
List of actionable diseases
Quarantine and isolation policies
Original publication15 Nov 1943
Entered into force31 Dec 2020
Latest update31 Dec 2020
Relevant articles

Part four - contains requirements for the provision and operations of sewerage systems in Belize.

Article 68 - isolatable diseases

Article 86 - isolation and enforcement mechanisms

Article 107 - isolation for tuberculosis

Article 116 - isolation for leprosy

Article 150 - Mandatory Childhood Vaccination against Smallpox

Article 152 - Exemption Provisions (Medical)

Article 161 - Enforcement Mechanism (Criminalization)

Article 164 - Emergency Vaccination against Smallpox + Enforcement Mechanism

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