Public Health Act (Chapter 63:01)

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This law pertains to the mitigation of disease in Botswana, with specific provisions on vaccination, quarantine and isolation.

Applicable countryBotswana
Quarantine and isolation
Risk communication and community engagement
Authority to isolate
Authority to quarantine
Diphtheria vaccination
Enforcement of emergency vaccination
Isolation enforcement mechanisms and penalties
List of actionable diseases
Measles vaccination
Polio vaccination
Quarantine and isolation policies
Quarantine enforcement mechanisms and penalties
Childhood vaccination requirement
Tuberculosis vaccination
Transparency requirements
Original publication3 Feb 2014
Entered into force3 Feb 2014
Latest update3 Feb 2014
Relevant articles

Section 25 - Quarantine and Isolation powers granted to national government during public health emergencies

Section 57 - Vests medical practitioners with the power to isolate, regardless of public health emergency status

Section 68 - Emergency Vaccination

Section 69 - Medical Exemptions

Section 116 and 118 - Isolation for HIV and penalties for violation of such orders

Section 149 - Routine Childhood Vaccinations, with Mandatory Vaccinations included in Schedule 5. Penalties (Criminalization)

Section 176 - Emergency Vaccination Enforcement Mechanism (Criminalization)

Sections 25, 57, 188 - Patient penalties for violations of quarantine and isolation orders

Article 36 - Entry/Exit Vaccination (Defined as Yellow Fever in Annex 6 and 7)

Part III, 23 Transparency requirements

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