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This law outlines the framework for healthcare and disease prevention in Bulgaria. Article 55 states that the Ministry of Health must set the annual vaccination calendar and may decide which vaccinations are mandatory based upon the current epidemiological situation. Article 59 states that the state can mandate compulsory vaccination in the event of an emergency situation. Article 209 states that the penalty for failing to comply with routine or emergency vaccination is a fine of varying amounts.

Applicable countryBulgaria
Quarantine and isolation
Diphtheria vaccination
Emergency vaccination authority
Enforcement of childhood vaccination requirement
Enforcement of emergency vaccination
Exemption from childhood vaccination requirement
Measles vaccination
Polio vaccination
Childhood vaccination requirement
Tuberculosis vaccination
Quarantine and isolation policies
Quarantine enforcement mechanisms and penalties
Authority to quarantine
Isolation enforcement mechanisms and penalties
Authority to isolate
List of actionable diseases
Original publication1 Jan 2005
Entered into force1 Jan 2005
Latest update1 Jan 2005
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