General Law of Health

Law No. 5395

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This law describes governmental and physician responsibilities in health protection, including for quarantine (Article 163), isolation (Articles 42, 155, 161, 187, 365, and 378), and notifiable diseases (Articles 147, 158, 160, and 187). It also includes information on mandatory childhood and emergency compulsory vaccinations. The health authority referred to in this law, except when otherwise specified, is the Ministry of Public Health.

Applicable countryCosta Rica
Quarantine and isolation
Risk communication and community engagement
Authority to isolate
Authority to quarantine
Chickenpox (varicella) vaccination
Diphtheria vaccination
Emergency vaccination authority
Enforcement of childhood vaccination requirement
Enforcement of emergency vaccination
Exemption from childhood vaccination requirement
Isolation enforcement mechanisms and penalties
List of actionable diseases
Measles vaccination
Quarantine and isolation policies
Quarantine enforcement mechanisms and penalties
Polio vaccination
Childhood vaccination requirement
Tuberculosis vaccination
Misinformation or Disinformation
Original publication24 Nov 1973
Entered into force24 Feb 1974
Latest update6 May 2022
Relevant articles

Articles 42, 147, 155, 158, 160, 161, 163, 187, 365, and 378 - Quarantine and Isolation

Article 150 - Mandatory and Emergency Vaccination, Exemption Provisions (Medical)

Article 153 - Enforcement Mechanism (Social Exclusion)

Article 259, 260, and 383 - Misinformation and Disinformation

Article 259, 260, and 261 - Public Benefit Content

Article 259, 260, and 383 - Misinformation and DIsinformation

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Spanish Ley General de Salud