Public Health Protection Act 2000

Act No. 258/2000 Coll.

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This document outlines the framework for healthcare provision and disease prevention in Czechia.

Applicable countryCzechia
Quarantine and isolation
Diphtheria vaccination
Emergency vaccination authority
Enforcement of childhood vaccination requirement
Exemption from childhood vaccination requirement
Measles vaccination
Polio vaccination
Childhood vaccination requirement
Tuberculosis vaccination
Enforcement of emergency vaccination
Original publication8 Nov 2000
Entered into force1 Jan 2001
Latest update8 Nov 2000
Relevant articles

Section 2 - defines quarantine and isolation

Section 9 - states that social exclusion and criminalization (fines) can be used to enforce mandatory vaccinations

Section 45 - states that the state may set the mandatory vaccinations for children and specific populations.

Section 46 states that medical exceptions, but not non-medical exemptions will be accepted.

Section 67 - gives physicians the authority to order quarantine or isolation and grants the Ministry of Health the power to oblige physicians to carry out quarantine and isolation orders.

Section 69 - designates quarantine as an extraordinary measure during an epidemic and allows for mandatory vaccinations to be used in the case of an infectious disease event (Emergency).

Section 80 - allows the Ministry of Health to carry out extraordinary measures.

Section 92K - Penalties

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