The Public Health Act

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This Act promotes the protection of public health through an outline for responding to communicable diseases and nuisances, including wastewater discharge and pollution. To prevent water pollution and threats to human health, it sets standards for sewerage systems.

Applicable countryEswatini
Quarantine and isolation
Risk communication and community engagement
Authority to isolate
Authority to quarantine
Effluent wastewater disposal
Emergency vaccination authority
Enforcement of emergency vaccination
Isolation enforcement mechanisms and penalties
List of actionable diseases
Quarantine and isolation policies
Quarantine enforcement mechanisms and penalties
Transparency requirements
Original publication1 Aug 1969
Entered into force1 Aug 1969
Latest update1 Aug 1969
Relevant articles

Section 6 - pertains to quarantine and isolation.

Sections 6, 7: Emergency Vaccination

Section 27 - pertains to penalties.

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