LAW No. 6,259, of October 30, 1975

LAW No. 6,259, of October 30, 1975 thumbnail

This law outlines the preventative and responsive measures taken against infectious diseases in Brazil. This document includes information on the National Immunization Program and the Epidemiological Surveillance actions.

Applicable countryBrazil
Enforcement of childhood vaccination requirement
Childhood vaccination requirement
Polio vaccination
Chickenpox (varicella) vaccination
Measles vaccination
Tuberculosis vaccination
Diphtheria vaccination
Original publication30 Oct 1975
Entered into force30 Oct 1975
Latest update30 Oct 1975
Relevant articles

Article 3 - Mandatory and Free Vaccinations Article 5 - Enforcement Mechanism (Financial Levers - family allowance contingent on vaccination status)

Available languages
Portuguese LEI NÂș 6.259, DE 30 DE Outubro DE 1975