Communicable Diseases Act


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This document describes the rights and obligations for citizens of Finland to mitigate the threat of infectious diseases. Notably, emergency vaccinations can be mandated by governmental decree in the face of a disease epidemic and can be enforceable through a fine and jail time of up to 3 months. Provisions for quarantine and isolation are also included in this act.

Applicable countryFinland
Quarantine and isolation
Authority to isolate
Authority to quarantine
Emergency vaccination authority
Enforcement of emergency vaccination
Isolation enforcement mechanisms and penalties
List of actionable diseases
Quarantine and isolation policies
Quarantine enforcement mechanisms and penalties
Original publication21 Dec 2016
Entered into force1 Mar 2017
Latest update21 Dec 2016
Relevant articles

Section 47- Emergency Vaccination

Section 60 - Quarantine at the municipal level

Section 63 - Isolation at the municipal level

Section 70 - Physician authority to quarantine and isolate

Section 71 - Emergency national, intermediate, and municipal authority to quarantine and isolate

Section 88 - Penalties

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